Wedding Blogs You Need To Read

Wedding blogs can be a real source of inspiration for soon-to-be brides. They feature actual weddings and provide photos to inspire those who are currently planning their wedding. These blogs also keep track of the latest trends. Sometimes, they start the trends. If you want to get ideas that will make your wedding a memorable one, you should know the different blogs that you need to visit.

What is great about these blogs is the fact that they are real. They are not commercialised. Sure they will suggest brands, products or companies but these are not highlighted. The ideas that you will find on the blog come from the creative minds of real people – not companies. That in itself makes wedding blogs an appealing source of inspiration.

Best wedding blogs to read for inspiration

Now that you know why you should consider blogs a great source of inspiration, let us identify the sites that you should be focusing on.

Before the Big Day

This is a blog by Georgia Tolley. She is a journalist and a wedding fanatic. Her blog is so successful that it has received a lot of accolades. She even appeared on the BBC Newshour. She was also featured in a lot of wedding fairs. Her website is very simple yet full of information. You will see clear photos of everything about weddings. She features real weddings with a clear description of the theme and unique elements used. The information that you will find on the website is also categorised by season. This makes it easier for brides-to-be to look for the right information. From decors, supplier lists, to fashion ideas, this website has everything you need to prepare for your own wedding.

Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

This website is the work of Louise Baltruschat. This site covers just about every type of wedding that has happened. So if you are looking for a great theme for your wedding, this is the perfect site for you to visit. Whether it is rustic, vintage, classic, outdoor, or alternative – you will get a lot of inspiration on this site. What is also great about WWW is it provides you with a template to help you manage various checklists like your planning, budget, guest list, venue, etc. You even get a directory of suppliers that you can tap into. The site also has a special place called Bride Diaries. It features actual stories written by brides. You will really get a lot of insight just by browsing this website.

Boho Weddings

This wedding blog is by Kelly Hood. She is one of the best wedding experts in the industry. Her blog is already the recipient of numerous awards. It is not surprising that she is very knowledgeable about weddings. She is, after all, a full-time wedding planner. Her site does not just feature weddings – she also has a helpful list of wedding suppliers. She does not just list the names of the companies. She talks to the suppliers and let them give their expert opinion. This gives her readers a well-rounded source of information about weddings.

So far, these three are some of the best wedding blogs that we have found in the UK. If you are still looking for an inspiration for your own wedding, you can browse through these sites for different ideas.