Wedding Day Details You Should Never Miss

Sometimes, it is the wedding day details that make all the difference. You might think that these are trivial parts of the wedding. It may seem small and insignificant but if you put them all together, you will realise that they add a certain charm and personality to everything.

Small yet important wedding details

But what are these details that you need to keep track of? Here are some of the most trivial yet important ones.


This is usually applied to those who have two venues. You want to make sure that your guests can get to the reception from the church. Not only will this ensure their attendance, it will also keep everything running on time. You can include a map in your invitation. Having signages will also help – especially if the venue is in a remote place.

Entrance and exit

Make your entrance and exit dramatic. It will not only make the celebrations fun and exciting, it will also make your wedding very memorable. Create a personalised entryway or come up with an entertaining way to enter the venue. For instance, all the members of your entourage will have to dance as they are introduced one by one. The exit can also be done with the same dramatic flair.

Escort cards

This will help your guests know where they have to sit. In some weddings, the couple assigns people to direct the guests to where they will sit. If you do not have someone to take care of these wedding day details, you can simply create personalised escort cards that your guests can look for.

Guest book

During your wedding, you will practically be oblivious to what goes on around you. Not only that, you can bet that not all of your guests will get the time to talk to you – at least for more than the usual “congratulations”. The best way to know their thoughts is to have them sign a guest book. Make it as creative a possible. It does not have to be a book – it can be a series of note cards that they can hang like a clothesline once they have their message in. You can also use photos instead of simple notepads.

Bar decorations

Your guests will visit the bar multiple times during the celebrations. Make sure the bar is decorated well. Tie it up with the decorations on your tables. Or it can be a simple sign with some flowers. Of course, the contents of the bar is usually more important than the decor.

Cake table

This is another one of the wedding day details that you need to consider. The cake is a focal point in the wedding. You have to make sure that the table that will carry it will complement the beauty of the cake. Make sure it is covered with the right decorations, etc. You can place photos all on the table to make it more personalised.

Activities for kids

This is one that can easily be overlooked. While you can tell your guests not to bring children, you have a couple of kids as part of your entourage. You need to come up with an activity so they will not make the whole reception area their playground. Prepare colouring materials and other activities for them. They should be near enough to still be a part of the celebrations but far enough to have their own little world.

What do you think of all these wedding day details? There may be more for you to add – that really depends on the theme of your wedding and what you want to happen as you celebrate.